The year is 2014. Many people believe they have Gnomish characters, but it is the ultimate ruse. Every Gnome is mine.

Mai Husbando Nitrostat who belongs to Tarmduffin

Lilifred who belongs to Cephiedvariable. Forgot which eye she was missing so we took a bronze dragon to a far-flung past in which she has both

Marton who… m-marton… do you have a tumblr, marton?… hmu babe. Also I forgot what Marton looked like and had to use THIS as a reference.

Ziti who I know shit all about except he’s a gnome and therefor objectively the best, who belongs to Lemonlotl

eeeeeEEEEEEEEEEE. AHHHHHH, omg omg. I had such a bad day and this made me feel so much better. <3 I missed Skrimps art so much.



On July 3rd 1969, two weeks before the launch of Apollo 11, the Soviet Union did an unmanned test launch of their N1 rocket. However, the rocket exploded right after lifting off, crushing the USSR’s hopes to bring a cosmonaut on the moon before the United States. 

There have been other two N1 tests before the program, already underfunded, was cancelled in 1974. 

(I am by no means an expert, but I’m quite fascinated with the Space Age and the Apollo mission; however. it might be that I wasn’t having the best of days, but when I learned about the secret Russian lunar program and the untimely end of the N1 rocket I knew that that story of failure spoke to me. It was also the first time I tried the scratchboard technique so it’s far from being perfect. But I tried, kind of like the Russians.)

(right click + open in new tab for a better look at the top picture)



my major problem with Frozen is that it is a perfectly passable and average and safe Disney movie and people keep trying to prove that it is amazing and daring and challenging and in doing so keep churning out bombs of secondhand embarrassment like “look there’s some not-white people in the background, we’ve come so far since the 1950s” and “Anna isn’t your typical perfect Disney beauty, she has freckles and eyebrows that are .5% thicker than Rapunzel’s”